About Muddle Bus

Muddle Bus is built on the belief that getting dressed in the morning should be a joyful experience. Our colourful quirky garments are for everyone and I don't want to ever hear any one say I love it but I couldn't possibly wear it. Wear what makes you happy!

* Disclaimer I know wearing black makes some people happy and that's great too.

Muddle Bus also aims to create heirloom pieces. Buy an exurberant one off piece and treasure it. My ambition is for Muddle Bus designs to still bring a smile to your face when you find it in your wardrobe after 40 years and show it to your grandchildren who can't believe you were ever that cool.

About Me

Hello I'm Kathleen and I'm a knitwear addict.

As long as I can remember I have loved jumpers. I was always trying to create things as a child and teenager although I was not always particularly successful. It took four attempts and three different teachers before I mastered hand knitting and I dread to remember some of the "home made" gifts my friends and family suffered.

I dabbled in many creative fields until I reached university and discovered programming knitting machines. It was then that I knew I had found my niche. After university I trained further and have worked developing knitwear in the U.K and abroad.

Although I love the technical side of knitting working on knitwear for other companies always triggers endless ideas of what I would love to knit myself. I have notebooks full of jotted ideas and the technical skills to produce them. Muddle Bus is the results of these.